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Problems With Copper Baths

Many homeowners’ interests and budgets can be accommodated by the large range of materials that can be used to create bathtubs. One alternative that is rarely utilised but may be suitable in certain circumstances is a copper bathtub.

The benefits and cons of a copper bathtub are the same as with any other type of bathtub. Its visual appeal, toughness, and lack of maintenance are some advantages. The drawback is that copper bathtubs can be pricey and challenging to locate. The good news is that you will not have to look any further for a copper bathtub. Windsor & Buckingham is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, easy-to-maintain copper bathtubs in the market.

You can check us out on how to acquire one or get answers to the questions that have been bugging you for a while now.

Selecting Your Ideal Copper Bathtub

The space is the first consideration while selecting a copper bathtub. Your bathtub’s size is determined by this. Before opting for a bathtub, it is essential that you are aware of the available space in your bathroom. Copper bathtubs come in various sizes.

Weight is a consideration. Because copper is relatively soft, choose one that is at least 16 gauge to ensure that it won’t dent easily. This will guarantee that your bathtub lasts and looks nice for many years. Our team can help you with making such a significant decision.

Is the hammering regular or sporadic? This is another crucial question that you should ask yourself. While the former was completed by a machine, the latter reveals that the bathtub is handmade. The hand-hammered copper tubs are more popular since they guarantee that each tub is an original, one-of-a-kind relic.

It is also advisable to check the bathtub’s edging for damage. It ought to be proportionate, curved, and smooth.

Another essential aspect that people keep in mind before purchasing copper bathtubs is antibacterial properties. It has been known for quite some time now how generally copper bathtubs have antibacterial properties. However, it is essential to remember that this is not true at all. Another aspect that often pushes people to prefer copper bathtubs over others is their upkeep.

Maintaining a Copper Bathtub

One of the best things about a copper bathtub is that it requires less upkeep as compared to the other options that are available in the market. Copper doesn’t need any extra maintenance, in

contrast to other materials, to remain in good condition. There are even indications that copper bathtubs get more attractive (appearance) with age. Most bathtubs need to be sanitised and cleaned with chemicals to keep mould and germs out.

Over time, soap scum residue can also accumulate on other materials, giving them a nasty appearance. The material is resistant to mould and bacteria, so simply wiping it with a dry cloth every now and then should be sufficient to keep it clean.

As a result, a lot of people often consider the appearance of a copper bathtub before making a purchase. The most discriminating copper bath owners have chosen polished copper or nickel interiors. Knowing that copper baths oxidise, those who are familiar with them will choose to buy an unlacquered copper bath and let the process happen naturally.

If you buy a lacquered bath and expect it to stay shiny and unoxidized, you’ll be shocked to see it eventually patina! Can you take action in this regard? Yes! If you got it from us, of course!

However, it is crucial to remember that a copper bath with lacquer does not have antibacterial characteristics.

If you bought a copper bath but the seller didn’t advise you on how to stop this oxidisation, then it’s possible that they aren’t qualified to give you advice on it. They might have told you about its upkeep, what to avoid, and how to keep it clean, but they wouldn’t have mentioned how to stop it from oxidising.

You shouldn’t buy anything from these sellers because they don’t know what they’re selling. They are here today and gone the next day! For most individuals, the cost of a copper bathtub is its main drawback. Simply put, copper is one of the most expensive elements to work with.

Additionally, a copper bathtub typically takes skilled craftsmanship to be built properly. The main cause of the high price is the interaction of these two elements. Therefore, you should be very keen before you decide to invest in a copper bathtub.

One way of doing so is by identifying the best manufacturer in the market. We are copper bathtub experts and can be of great service to clients who are not familiar with the workings of a copper bathtub.

Every customer who buys a copper bath from us is given advice on where to buy the copper maintenance kit! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s because we exclusively tell our clients about it and other merchants are unaware of it. We appreciate it when our customers are well informed before making the decision to buy from us.

Even copper baths that are ordinarily starting to oxidise can be saved! We are experts in metal baths and have years of expertise that others just cannot share with you regarding advice or how to make your copper bath appear young again.

Are Copper Bathtubs Easy to Find?

The infrequent availability of a copper bathtub is the other significant problem. Copper baths are typically not available in retail home improvement stores. This implies that a person must place a specialised order from particular suppliers, which inevitably leads to a lack of possibilities.

Most purchases must be made online, which necessitates planning and funding for shipment and handling. We are here for our customers. Our customers do not have to look any further to purchase a copper bathtub of their choice.