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As the name implies, copper, a strong yet incredibly pliable metal that can be shaped without breaking, is the material used to make copper tubs. These bathtubs are environmentally friendly, rustproof, mold-resistant, and antibacterial.

When looking for a copper bath, you can run into some strange terminology. The gauge, or thickness, of the metal, is the primary determinant of quality; the lower the number, the higher the grade of the copper. A thinner gauge (higher number) of copper is more vulnerable to damage, so look for 14- to 16-gauge (or lower) coppe

Since copper is a metal, it effectively conducts and holds onto heat. Without an integrated heater, copper bathtubs retain heat longer than other tub materials such as acrylic and porcelain, allowing your bath water to stay warmer for longer.

High-quality tubs constructed from recycled copper that is pure or virtually pure are perfectly safe. Poorer-quality tubs may have dangerous concentrations of lead or mercury, which can leach toxins into the water and render the tub unfit for bathing. Verify the metal composition of your tub to make sure it doesn’t contain any dangerous alloys.

Yes, copper contains built-in antibacterial characteristics that keep your tub clean. Additionally, it won’t corrode or rust.

Copper bathtubs come in a huge selection of designs. The freestanding copper bath, copper clawfoot tub, and copper slipper tub are among the most often used and were inspired by vintage copper bathtub designs. A copper roll top bath has a rim that is “rolled” for a timeless appearance; many include additional ornamentation or pedestals.

You should be able to select whether the water is redirected to the shower head only, the hand shower only, or both when the diverter is turned. The diverter has been installed wrongly if, when turned, you can only turn one on or both at once. Right now, the shower’s inlet is also being used as an outlet. The problem can be fixed by turning the diverter valve upside down.

A cast iron bath shouldn’t be too heavy for the floor as long as the structure is sound and it complies with building codes. A person and water in a cast iron bath equate to around 4 or 5 persons standing in your bathroom.

If you have a real old cast iron tub at your house or in your neighbourhood antique shop, a good refinishing can make it showroom-ready in your contemporary home. A thorough cleaning and a new coat of paint can be all that a tub needs to look better. After carefully cleaning the outside, use a foam roller to apply a latex primer. Apply two or more coats of exterior-grade satin or semigloss latex paint, allow it to dry completely, and then finish.

Even though enamel is durable and simple to clean, it can still be scratched by abrasive objects. You shouldn’t clean your bath with abrasive or acidic cleaners (such as steel wool or scouring powder). These aggressive products have the potential to scrape the surface and wear down the enamel. Limescale buildup can be prevented by wiping away soap residue with a moist cloth and drying the bath thoroughly after each use. Removing your plug and checking that your faucets are properly shut off will help you avoid stains and discolourations brought on by standing water and limescale buildup.

Whether you want a square-shaped tub, a round tub, or a soaking tub, you may alter it to fit the style of your bathroom. You have the freedom to design a one-of-a-kind bathroom bathtub masterpiece since each marble bathtub is created to order. Create a tub that is tailored to your size and comfort

A marble bathtub is a fantastic investment that will raise your home’s value overall. If you want to sell your home quickly, add a fashionable and practical marble bathtub to the bathroom. This will appeal to purchasers seeking a certain level of luxury and elegance

The design, colour, and accessibility of the slab affect the cost of marble. By establishing a budget, you may keep within your constraints without having an impact on the other aspects of the bathroom makeover. The price of installation is determined by the weight of the tub and any necessary renovation to make the tub fit in the available area