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Copper Baths

Copper Bathtubs:

  1. Enduring and Relatively Unbreakable in the Face of Adversity

Copper does not age and is likely to survive both you and your offspring. In addition to this, it is quite difficult to differentiate between new and old copper. Copper is incomparable to any other material in terms of its unparalleled longevity, durability, resilience, and extraordinary strength.

  1. Attractive from an aesthetic standpoint

A copper bathtub exudes an air of old-world allure in addition to its time-honoured beauty. Copper bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and patterns, and they can also be fabricated to the customer’s specifications in order to fit into any area. There are bathtubs that have an acrylic or nickel lining, and there are also bathtubs that have a hammered or smooth finish.

The use of these finishes gives you the ability to give your room the atmosphere that best suits you, whether you want it to have a rugged, outdoorsy vibe or a more opulent, upscale appearance.

  1. Copper is Known for Its “Living-Finish”

Copper can appear in a variety of hues, ranging from bright and brilliant to dark and earthy brown. The surface will become oxidized over time, developing a one-of-a-kind “living finish” or patina in the process.

Copper is distinguished from other metals by its “living finish,” which is a property that cannot be found in any other metal. Oxygen reacts with the metal, causing the colour to become darker over time until it finally settles into a dark, intense hue. This process takes place over the course of several generations.

Copper is capable of mending itself because of its “living finish,” which is yet another fantastic attribute of this material. Therefore, if your copper bathtub is scraped or scratched, these cuts will, over time, fade and become a part of the overall finish of the tub. Copper has a natural patina that makes this possible.

Patina and a “living finish” will work their magic on your copper bathtub to transform it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will look stunning in your bathroom.

  1. Simple to Clean and Maintain, Natural Appearance

Mineral deposits can be avoided in your tub by thoroughly cleaning it after each use, rinsing it with clean water, and patting dry the surfaces. Your copper tub will continue to look its best if you give it the occasional cleaning it gets with gentle soap and a delicate cloth. Abrasive cleaning products, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs because they can scratch copper surfaces.

The rusting that forms on the surface of the tub as a result of oxidation is called the patina. You may maintain the patina on the surface of your tub by giving it a light rubbing with furniture polish, beeswax, or copper wax on a regular basis. And once you’ve achieved the look you want, seal it with a layer of clear lacquer to preserve it in that form.

In addition to this, you can remove the patina by utilizing a copper polishing cream on a biannual basis. However, using this kind of polish too frequently may cause the finish to get damaged.

Caution is advised before adding salt to your copper bathtub because doing so will corrode the patina over time. You can customize your soak by adding different things to the water, but before you do that, you should conduct some study on the topic.

  1. Inherently clean and resistant to the growth of bacteria

Copper baths are well-known for having surfaces that are easy to keep clean. They are inherently resistant to mould and germs, which means they will never rust or corrode and are always sanitary. Additionally, they have a natural anti-bacterial quality.

The water in a copper bathtub is cleaner and more hygienic than conventional bathwater. This is because bacteria can only survive on copper for a few hours, although they can survive on stainless steel and other materials for bathtubs for much longer.

  1. Exceptional Capability to Hold Heat

Bathtubs constructed of copper are able to keep the heat for a longer period of time than tubs produced from many other materials. This allows you to soak for a longer period of time without having to add more warm water, which results in cost savings for both water and electricity.

The fact that the copper in the bathtub will continue to retain its heat for approximately one hour after the water has been drained from the tub is evidence that copper possesses exceptional thermal characteristics.

  1. Friendly to the environment and recyclable

Copper can be completely recycled and reused in a variety of different forms over and over again. Copper has the highest recycling rate of all metals, and it is believed that two-thirds of the 550 million tons of copper that have been mined since 1900 are still in use!

  1. Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Copper bathtubs are considered by many homeowners to be a worthy investment in their houses. These bathtubs are often listed as a feature of the home when it is put up for sale because of their attractive appearance and extended lifespan.

For the best copper bathtubs, simply contact Windsor and Buckingham now.

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